The Sanctuary Battersea

The Sanctuary Battersea  development of a historic Gothic church into 4 luxury flats.


Charlotte Packe Lighting Consultancy was brought in during early construction to develop a lighting scheme which worked with the original architecture and the new build.

Experience in designing luminaires for boutique hotels was brought to these high end residential apartments.

We were able to incorporate recessed plaster in fittings and niches were designed and lit to blur the boundaries between old and new.

The client was careful to retain much of the original architecture and this was sympathetically lit. The new spaces were then incorporated into the scheme with a careful, considered schedule which blends the old and the new. The lighting design solution utilisers the latest low energy luminaires and soft dimming controls. A warm 2700k was specified throughout and we worked with a range of manufacturers to develop a cohesive scheme for the many varied spaces.

Bespoke luminaires were also designed where needed. Cut crystal and brass fittings in - Candle - a range of stunning coloured cut crystal shades with either hand polished brass or chrome fittings - with G9 blb holders and retro fit low energy GU10 bulbs.

Mouse - a 1.2 watt 2700k module in brass barrel with adjustable bracket designed for accent lighting beams and coves.

Borough - family enlarged with the addition of a brass wall light.

We also worked with the glass blower - Michael Ruh and the interior designer to develop a bespoke chandelier in the main spire. This needed to be incorporated into a winch system for maintenance.