Project - The Soho Hotel

Owners; The Firmdale Hotel plc

The Soho Hotel, London.

Wall panels flocked d;2004

Winner of BEST HOTEL BAR at

Charlotte Packe was asked to come in at the beginning of the
development from an NCP car park into
a sumptuous boutique hotel in the
heart of Soho, London.

The Most Glamorous Hotel in the World
- Tatler Travel Guide 2005

The Bar and restaurant are important areas
at the centre of this hotel, one large window at
the end of an alley was the only natural light.

As a bar and restaurant a diffused light
was needed along the large walls which would
seamlessly carry day into night and give an
inviting warmth, as well as harmonising with
the interior decoration.

Charlotte developed a new technique of
introducing pattern and colour by depositing
small fibre particles onto a stainless steal mesh.
Light could be controlled and diffused through
the coloured mesh.

Uniformity was retained keeping a simple
palette of colours and varying the widths of
the horizontal bands.