Project - The Notting Hill Brasserie


The Notting Hill Brasserie d;1999

Owner;  First Restaurant Group

Restaurant; Notting Hill Brasserie, 92 Kensington Park Road, London, W11

Bespoke luminaires designed for a luxury restaurant in the heart of
Notting Hill.

Elegance and discretion. Luminance was required to link and light
the rooms in this conversion of 3 townhouses into a restaurant and bar.

Charlotte chose a transparent material which could conduct luminance.
25mm thick clear acrylic was scratch resistant coated.  6 shapes were designed in
keeping with the interior and decoration, these were then hand cut and the edges
Buffed aluminium - its reflective qualities tied in with the acrylic,
hid the compact fluorescent tube.

Light was then thrown through the edges of the acrylic.

All designs were hand made and assembled in the cpd workshops and unique to
the client.