Beach House Brancaster, Norfolk

Holiday Let in Norfolk

Set on the stunning Norfolk Coast, beautiful holiday let and gallery for Norfolk By Design in Brancaster, Norfolk

We were requested in at the beginning of the conversion to design site specific lighting and to help with the architectural lighting.

Our lighting was specified throughout the project.

A bespoke Glass Moss on birch chandelier in the atrium space links with the Norfolk flint bridge.

Horn wall lights used in the bedrooms and the Coral wall light took a fluorescent hit as links to the colourful buoys on the local fishermen boats.

Borough pendant in triple above the dining room table, Tricolor table lamps inject zesty colour in bedrooms.




Suffolk Barn Conversion

Suffolk Barn Conversion. 2017

Stunning contemporary Barn Conversion on the Suffolk Coast, where the client is passionate about design and lighting.

I worked closely with the client and designed all the decorative lighting.

I worked from the Glass Moss on Silver Birch family, the Candle Family, the Droplets family and the Bucket family.

Each family can be adapted with colours and design to harmonise with the architecture.

Shown here;

Glass Moss on Silver Birch- Trilogy.

complimenting the architecture and adding warmth and texture to an immaculate project.


The Sanctuary Battersea

The Sanctuary Battersea

The Sanctuary Battersea  development of a historic Gothic church into 4 luxury flats.


Charlotte Packe Lighting Consultancy was brought in during early construction to develop a lighting scheme which worked with the original architecture and the new build.

Experience in designing luminaires for boutique hotels was brought to these high end residential apartments.

We were able to incorporate recessed plaster in fittings and niches were designed and lit to blur the boundaries between old and new.

The client was careful to retain much of the original architecture and this was sympathetically lit. The new spaces were then incorporated into the scheme with a careful, considered schedule which blends the old and the new. The lighting design solution utilisers the latest low energy luminaires and soft dimming controls. A warm 2700k was specified throughout and we worked with a range of manufacturers to develop a cohesive scheme for the many varied spaces.

Bespoke luminaires were also designed where needed. Cut crystal and brass fittings in - Candle - a range of stunning coloured cut crystal shades with either hand polished brass or chrome fittings - with G9 blb holders and retro fit low energy GU10 bulbs.

Mouse - a 1.2 watt 2700k module in brass barrel with adjustable bracket designed for accent lighting beams and coves.

Borough - family enlarged with the addition of a brass wall light.

We also worked with the glass blower - Michael Ruh and the interior designer to develop a bespoke chandelier in the main spire. This needed to be incorporated into a winch system for maintenance.



Project - The Notting Hill Brasserie


The Notting Hill Brasserie d;1999

Owner;  First Restaurant Group

Restaurant; Notting Hill Brasserie, 92 Kensington Park Road, London, W11

Bespoke luminaires designed for a luxury restaurant in the heart of
Notting Hill.

Elegance and discretion. Luminance was required to link and light
the rooms in this conversion of 3 townhouses into a restaurant and bar.

Charlotte chose a transparent material which could conduct luminance.
25mm thick clear acrylic was scratch resistant coated.  6 shapes were designed in
keeping with the interior and decoration, these were then hand cut and the edges
Buffed aluminium - its reflective qualities tied in with the acrylic,
hid the compact fluorescent tube.

Light was then thrown through the edges of the acrylic.

All designs were hand made and assembled in the cpd workshops and unique to
the client.                     


Holiday House Let in Padstow, Cornwall




Involved from the beginning , pre building, to design the decorative lighting and advise on the architectural lighting for this Georgian house in Padstow, Cornwall.

The last house remaining in Padstow which belongs the the Prideaux-Brune estate, the client required an individual and personal slant with the lighting.

The Leather bucket pendants were designed specifically for this property, a take on the bucket and spade for its sea side location, yet using beautiful sourced bridle leather all made in England.

The Horn wall lights link to the Deer Park at Prideaux Place, these link the green guest room to its bathroom with bespoke wall lights with horn plates.

Bulb table lamps were designed with new shades in crushed canvas.

Silver birch table lamps and the Nautical wall lights are also specified.


Fentonluna House is available for rent.





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Queens Park House (2)



  An Edwardian family home is developed into a new and spacious family living creative home. Neutral colours and beautiful refined materials are used through out. Warm brass, hand blown glass in clear crystal and bronze with deep patinated brass details to tie in with the Critteral doors.

Bespoke lighting was designed throughout and architectural lighting was specified.



Haymarket Hotel

Haymarket Hotel, London

Featured here are two Kowtow in table lamps in clear and live red Lucite. Looking stunning infront of Cole and Son wall paper.

We worked closely with Kit Kemp to create a range of table lights which worked with her theme of this hotel.

The versatility of this design is that coloured lucite discs can be added to the stem to pick out a colour in the scheme of the rooms. 


As with all the Firmdale Hotels, each room is individual and always beautiful colour ways and textures are carefully considered.


Project - Queens Park House



Queen's Park House, London 

Owner; Private - residential

Architects; Poulsom Middlehurst

An Edwardian house is transformed into a light beautiful and child friendly home, combing functionality with a quiet glamorous aesthetic.

Charlotte's lighting for this spacious family home was designed to be relaxed, stylish with an honesty to materials. The owner required an open clear thinking space for a busy family. Materials were carefully considered for all the decorative lighting as the details of flooring, windows and internal doors were all refined back and beautiful craftsmanship was demanded through out.

Limed oak floors, raw linens, open shelving and wood burning fires mix with the current owners antiques.

Bespoke lighting was created for all the decorative fittings - beautiful hand blown crystal glass shades in soft bronze colours and high lighted with polished brass and then deep patinated brass to lustrous black.      

The finish on the lighting was a big consideration to match the clients chosen colour scheme. Charlotte patinated chosen brass details to deep blacks to link with the Critteral windows in the hallway, and the same finish was linked to the other hallway lights.

Polished brass, its warm tones harmonising with the Stiffkey blue on the downstairs sitting room walls.

Opaline globes - simplified in elegant fittings gave a nod to the Edwardian inheritance.



Project - West London home

We worked closely with the client who had a complete refurbishment on her west London Edwardian home.

The contemporary minimalist interiors contrasting with their collection of antique Indian furniture and paintings, decorative lighting needed to be the link.

Droplets was patinated to a deep black and featured in the master ensuite. This design was also used to hang in the atrium space, this time polished brass to a rich gold and as pendant cluster worked well next to a rich orange painting.

I also designed a hexagon wire frame so we could have a chandelier in the hallway.


Hamyard Hotel, Soho, London

The Ham Yard Hotel


The Ham Yard Hotel, 11 Ham Yard,London W1D 7DT

Charlotte  was brought in at the beginning of the project, we designed the Tripod table lamp to inject pops of colour and link Kit Kemps wonderful colour schemes.

Glass Moss on silver birch sticks were also used to link indoor outdoor space - within the orangery.

The Disc table lamps, 3 stem are used throughout the dining areas.


Project - The Soho Hotel

Project - The Soho Hotel

Owners; The Firmdale Hotel plc

The Soho Hotel, London.

Wall panels flocked d;2004

Winner of BEST HOTEL BAR at

Charlotte Packe was asked to come in at the beginning of the
development from an NCP car park into
a sumptuous boutique hotel in the
heart of Soho, London.

The Most Glamorous Hotel in the World
- Tatler Travel Guide 2005

The Bar and restaurant are important areas
at the centre of this hotel, one large window at
the end of an alley was the only natural light.

As a bar and restaurant a diffused light
was needed along the large walls which would
seamlessly carry day into night and give an
inviting warmth, as well as harmonising with
the interior decoration.

Charlotte developed a new technique of
introducing pattern and colour by depositing
small fibre particles onto a stainless steal mesh.
Light could be controlled and diffused through
the coloured mesh.

Uniformity was retained keeping a simple
palette of colours and varying the widths of
the horizontal bands.


Project - Stoake

Stoake - retail



Stoake, London 

Owner; Private - retail

A new shop and retail outlet for a woodturning stove company.

Charlotte was asked to provide a raw edge aesthetic mixed with glamour.

The shop displays woodturning stoves and Charlotte re-worked the Borough range of lights by transforming them into holding 2 GU10 bulbs, for display lighting.

These run along the whole of the beautiful floor to ceiling glass windows.

In the centre of the space it was decided a feature piece was required. Charlotte worked on the Droplets range to create a stunning centre piece.


Residential in Norfolk

Residential in Norfolk.

Sometimes just the simple additions make all the difference.

Here Coral in white has been chased in to provide a stunning decorative wall light against white tongue and groove in the main bedroom.


The Crosby Street Hotel

The Crosby Hotel, New York

The Crosby Street Hotel. New York.

Kowtow table lamps with acrylic discs were designed specifically to be used in the bedrooms and on the bar of this hotel - the most environmentally responsible hotel in the entire United States

The versatility of these lamps lies in their ability to inject a zest of colour and tie interiors together in a modern and sophisticated framework.


Project - The Charlotte Street Hotel

Kowtow single barlamp  d;2000

Owners; The Firmdale Hotel plc

“It’s charming, beautiful, witty,
friendly, stylish and very cool,”
- London Financial Times

The Charlotte Street Hotel in London is in the centre of an area known
for where the Bloomsbury Group lived. Charlotte researched their style
to create bespoke lamps which would be used for the bar, reception area,
library and bedrooms.

An industrial feel yet retaining the elegance and decoration from the late
Edwardian period with reference to the local Bloomsbury Group.

In keeping with the period of the property.

Hand spun aluminium discs were annodised with different finishers -
old gold, bronze, nickle silver. and a soft ruby pink.
Hand turned wooden bases made from farmed american tulip wood.

Bases stained charcoal and natural beeswax finish.

Some decorated with patterns from the era.

All designs were hand made in the cpd workshops and unique to
the client.                     


54-56 Old Street, London, EC1V 9AJ

54-56 Old Street, London, EC1V 9AJ

lighting consultants residential


Project; 54-56 Old Street.EC1V 9AJ - 4 individual apartments, gardens and communial areas. Architects; USE Architects.

CPStudio were asked to come in at the beginning of this project - before the build, to specify and design bespoke lighting. project completed September 2012.

CPStudio; approach

Here to provide inspirational solutions to new or existing schemes. Will specify using trusted UK based lighting companies as well as design individual fittings if required. I am strongly aware of using daylight and work by enhancing and directing into interiors, also the use of low energy lighting - so improved and good colour rendering - all leads towards a low energy and economical out come.

For individual and corporate clients.

Design Process

Stage 1: Preliminary services
(approximately RIBA design stages A and B)
First, the client's requirements are discussed, including timescale, financial limits, scope of services and terms of appointment.
A lighting design brief can then be formulated if required.

Stage 2:Concept design
(approximately RIBA design stage C)
This involves the presentation of an outline lighting scheme in the form of visuals, outline luminaire information, typical layouts, budgets,
 electrical loads, running costs and energy-saving strategies.

Stage 3:Detailed design development
(approximately RIBA design stages D-F)
When the client has chosen a concept, we develop it into detailed specifications and drawings. Maintenance, energy and installation costs are
calculated, and compliance with legislation is examined.
Stage 4: Detailed design, production and tender actions
(approximately RIBA design stages G and H)
At this stage the preparation of tender documentation begins. We support the client and answer any queries or questions;
 interview contractors and assist the client with appointments.

Stage 5: Construction, focussing, programming and commissioning
(approximately RIBA design stages J-L)
At this point we review progress on-site to make sure that all is going according to plan. When the installation is complete,
we focus the adjustable light fittings and programme any lighting controls.

In addition, Charlotte Packe provides remedial, trouble-shooting and crisis management consultancy on pre-existing lighting projects.
 This is usually undertaken on an hourly rate.