The Oak Utility Range

Created: 21 May 2013

Soon the website will have information on the new collections, at the moment this image is from the oak utility range d.2013.In response to the interest in exposing tungsten lighting - of course, that's what happens when something gets banned - draws attention, and the bulbs are beautiful - ours are sourced from a company in Switzerland, who still make them by hand. This range of accessories in honour of  the tungsten bulb, works with the simplicity in materials by using hand turned English oak. The wall light is a hand turned rod, with hidden fixture to attach to the wall, a leather cordwasher and a brass cordgrip allow the flex to be raised and lowered. We can also supply a good selection of silk covered flexes. The bulb holder is in turned oak - two sizes, E.S  and S.E.S. which can be separated to take a shade. We also have an oak turned ceiling rose - use the silk flex and oak bulb holder for pendant.



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