The Oak Utility Range d;2012

Charlotte Packe The Oak Utility Range

The Oak Utility Range. d;2012

Image of emerald crystal glass sphere with matching decorative flex on Oak Utility wall light.

Sometimes there is just something very sound about sourcing good fixtures.

This range was designed in response to simplicity and urban funtionality.

Made in England from English oak and hand turned, the accessories include;

an oak bulbholder for E.S and S.E.S lightbulbs,

oak ceiling rose

oak wall light - a rod of turned oak, hides the wall fixture and also holds the flex and bulb a safe and functional distance from the wall - works well as bedside lights.

Do recommend to be used with a dimmer switch.

Coloured silk flex.



E.S bulbholder; oak turned, comes with E.S bulbholder and shade ring - so can hold a shade too.

S.E.S bulbholder; oak turned, comes with S.E.S bulbholder and shade ring - so can hold a shade too.

oak turned round ceiling rose; comes with the plastic ceiling rose inside, and a brass cordgrip.

wall light; turned oak rod, with hidden wall mounted fitting, screw and rawplug, leather cordgrip, brass cordgrip.

Flex; silk covered 3 core, various colours £5.00 per metre.

price on enquiry.