Inspired by nature and the Norfolk beaches, Cley is a handmade porcelain shade with polished brass details.Shown here as a wall light, pendant versions too.

Cley Family d; 2016

Inspiration from the large Norfolk beaches and the ripples left in the sand.
Light sources can be raw flament bulbs or IP65 rated LED strip
Pendants and wall lights from hand formed porcelain - raw and fired, the natural process will make individual pieces.
Fittings are made in brass which is then hand polished and waxed. Other options are; patinated, chrome 
plated or nickel silver plated. 
as pictured; 
wall lights
hand polished Brass.
max depth; 10cm. max width; 20cm. max height; 34cm
Gu10 bulb.
240 v

also as pendants.