Double Headed Horn pendant

Double Heade Horn pendant


Double headed horn Pendant. d; 2018


An elegant solution to directional light.

One downward facing and the second arm rotated 360 degrees with another joint allowing 90 degree positioning of the shade.

Please contact for spec sheets.

bulb; g9 max 4 watts, 300-450 lumens depending on lamp manufacturer


Borough Pendant -detail

Borough Pendant - Detail


Borough Pendant - detail - with opaline globe shade.

Designed for The Queens' Park House, customised to link with the internal fittings, which was a large Critterial door. This detail shows the patination and attention to detail which included in the design a low profile versatile hall way pendant light in this Edwardian refurbishment.






Candle d;2015

Designed as a discreet shade which enhances the natural beauty of the material - crystal glass.


Crystal glass colours; in clear, smokey grey, aubergine, other options please enquire.

Crystal glass can be left plain or cut.

Fittings finish; hand polished brass, with a wax finish, deep patination to black, chrome or nickel plated fittings.

options; IP44, G9 bulbs, GU10 for retro fit LED bulbs.

Featured here as wall lights, also as chandeliers and pendants.




An example of the Clear Lead Crystal with 6 slashes - left unpolished so that they 'hold' the light.

Enclosed at the top.

Softly patinated brass. 






An example of 3 Clear Lead Crystal as a pendant light.

Working with the natural daylight of the window behind, this design incorporates 3 Clear Lead Crystal tubes, with patinated and polished brass which link with the filament bulbs.

Pendant light for a stair well.





An example of the Bronze colour, lead crystal , open top in a Nickel Silver Finish.



Charlotte Packe Discs Lamp

Discs. d; 2012

Designed for the bar at The Haymarket Hotel, London.

This lamp has a rigid stem, and the play is with the transparent discs which work like lenses to the coloured live acrylic sandwiched in between. Gives the opportunity to inject a 'pop' of colour and freshness into an interior.

Fluorescent/live edge colours in live red, yellow and green.


machine cut and then hand polished acrylic discs, with nickel silver plated spacers and rubber grommets.

Base; American poplar stained charcoal or limed oak finish.


lamp; price on enquiry




Horn plate wall light

Horn Plate wall light

Horn Plate Wall light. d; 2018

Beautiful horn is hand polished and waxed.

Return to our trade mark of raw simplicity.

Each one individual, though care and attention is given to matching pairs if required.

On a polished brass stem.


G9 bulb.

2 options; frosted glass hood or laser cut shade, these are behind the horn plate


Candle -Pendant


Candle - Pendant

The 'Candle' family is designed as a discreet shade to enhance the natural beauty of the material - crystal glass.

Here, 3 shades in clear crystal glass, are staggered to hang over a stairwell in an Edwardian house refurbishment. Careful thought was given to the window behind and to allow natural light to play with the materials chosen for this pendant. The brass was patinated to a deep black, whilst other smaller brass details were polished brass, so linking to the raw filament bulbs.

Variations; coloured crystal glass, cut crystal glass and either less or more shades and fittings.




Mouse d;2015

Designed to scamper up beams in an historic church development in Battersea, London. -

We were brought in as lighting consultants to convert an historic church into 4 luxury flats. The client required a discreet fitting to illuminate and highlight the original features which had been sympathetically restored. We designed the smallest fitting to house a 1.2 watt LED module, made using the warmth of brass with an aged bronze finish, with a movable bracket the light can be angled to desired position.



Tribe. d;2006

Charlotte Packe Tribe

Tribe. d;2006

This is a striking lamp, with a sophisticated primal presence. Works well with large drum shades, and takes patterned shades as well as textured.


sustainable sourced farmed poplar, hand turned, stained and waxed, with two hand spun aluminium discs.


to shade ring;560mm(22")


E.S or S.E.S bulbholders, black 3 core flex with black inline cord switch.




please enquire as various options.


lamp; price  on enquiry



Cley Pendant

Cley Pendant d;2016

Handmade in porcelain with patinated brass and polished brass details.

Plain discs of porcelain have been hand made and shaped to fine thin discs, the edges feathering out which allow a beautiful glow of light to shine through.

Brass details and a pivot action, allows positioning of the light and for a bounce of light off the ceiling.

Adds height to low ceiling rooms.

Inspiration from the Norfolk beaches.



Borough Pendant

Borough Pendant

Borough Pendant d;2016

Adaptable pendant light which uses the elements from the Borough family and adds an opaline frosted globe on a pivot arm.

Bespoke piece.

Patinated finishers; deep bronze/ black, nickel silver plated, hand polished brass.

Opaline globe or raw filament bulb.


Borough - wall light

Borough Family

BOROUGH d 2014


A family of luminaires inspired by Borough Market in London and designed for a restaurant called Arabica.

Variations are; Borough wall light. Borough wall light pivot two heads. Borough wall light pivot single head.

A strong industrial element in the skin of mild steel left raw and with a protective antique clear powder coating finish, warmth is injected with an inner sleeve of etched aluminium anodised in gold. The brass wall arm pivots in its customised wall bracket - a rubber grommet allows the arm to stay in position - pivots 180 degree angle.

Decorative flex.

SES  bulbholder.

Different powder coated options, please enquire for pdfs.



The Oak Utility Range d;2012

Charlotte Packe The Oak Utility Range

The Oak Utility Range. d;2012

Image of emerald crystal glass sphere with matching decorative flex on Oak Utility wall light.

Sometimes there is just something very sound about sourcing good fixtures.

This range was designed in response to simplicity and urban funtionality.

Made in England from English oak and hand turned, the accessories include;

an oak bulbholder for E.S and S.E.S lightbulbs,

oak ceiling rose

oak wall light - a rod of turned oak, hides the wall fixture and also holds the flex and bulb a safe and functional distance from the wall - works well as bedside lights.

Do recommend to be used with a dimmer switch.

Coloured silk flex.



E.S bulbholder; oak turned, comes with E.S bulbholder and shade ring - so can hold a shade too.

S.E.S bulbholder; oak turned, comes with S.E.S bulbholder and shade ring - so can hold a shade too.

oak turned round ceiling rose; comes with the plastic ceiling rose inside, and a brass cordgrip.

wall light; turned oak rod, with hidden wall mounted fitting, screw and rawplug, leather cordgrip, brass cordgrip.

Flex; silk covered 3 core, various colours £5.00 per metre.

price on enquiry.




Borough Sconce

Borough Sconce

Borough Sconce.

Reflecting early modernism in its simplicity.

Hand polished brass shield curved to allow a halo of light and vertical directional light.

All brass is hand polished and finished with Restoration Wax, which allows a gentle patina over time.



Inspired by nature and the Norfolk beaches, Cley is a handmade porcelain shade with polished brass details.Shown here as a wall light, pendant versions too.

Cley Family d; 2016

Inspiration from the large Norfolk beaches and the ripples left in the sand.
Light sources can be raw flament bulbs or IP65 rated LED strip
Pendants and wall lights from hand formed porcelain - raw and fired, the natural process will make individual pieces.
Fittings are made in brass which is then hand polished and waxed. Other options are; patinated, chrome 
plated or nickel silver plated. 
as pictured; 
wall lights
hand polished Brass.
max depth; 10cm. max width; 20cm. max height; 34cm
Gu10 bulb.
240 v

also as pendants.


Tripod - complex




Designed in conjunction with Kit Kemp  for The Hamyard Hotel.

Now moving to extreme balance, a vortex where the central rod to remain horizontal.

Shown here in royal blue with brass rod and brass couplers.

Grey silk drum shade.

Other colours of acrylic rods and shades available.

for pdf downloads - please enquire.


Vision. d;1999 re-launched 2013

Vision. d;1991 e-launched 2013

Working with the idea of showing pure light, this design throws the light through the polished

clear acrylic, then using the effect created by the light in the material I cut a halo - heavenly.

Especially when used as a wall light above a seated person - quite saintly!


a variety of shapes can be cut.

Light changing LEDS.

As table light, or wall light.


polished clear acrylic with cut-out, set in an aluminium case which houses the light fitting, this set in an

acrylic stand.


25mm thick acrylic, 380mm overall height x 330mm width


compact fluorescent or LED strip


8-12 weeks.




BUCKET d;2017

A new range of lighting working with classic proportions and beautiful materials.

Leather and brass details.

Pendant . Wall Light . Shade for tablelamp.

Colour options;

Bridle Brown, Navy Blue, Black and Racing Green.

Detail options;

brass, chrome or Nickel Silver.


Black twisted decorative.


Max watt 4 watt. LED - lumens possibility of up to 750 lumens

Shown here a pendant light in Bridle Brown.

Hand polished brass stem, finished in wax. Fitted with brass ES lamp holder.

Dimensions 35cm from bottom of shade to top of strap

25cm max width of shade.




Bulb Tablelamp

Bulb Table Lamps

Bulb - d 2003 and immortalised here by Megan Hess in 2015

Sculptural forms, bursting, ripe in Bulb.

Beautiful simple clear shapes.

Bulb. made from hand turned pine, distressed to bring out the texture of the grain and washed with gesso then waxed.






Tripod d 2013Tripod

Designed in conjunction with Kit Kemp at The Firmdale Hotels, the brief; to design a new light for Hamyard Hotel in Piccadilly , London.

Inject colour into the interiors and tie the spaces together.

materials; coloured acrylic rods and brass.

Balance is critical, delicacy too all tie together.

Precision engineered couplers formed from brass- moving towards jewellery.

Very restrained.

Shown here in live red with square linen shade - other colours available in the acrylic rods.

or shade - hand blown opal glass shade.


Opal cube. d;1999

Charlotte Packe Opal Cube


A table lamp, lightbox or as a concealed light.

Made from opal acrylic, gives a soft light.



opal acrylic sturdy cube.


width 180mm x 180mm


S.E.S bulb holder attached to inside base of the cube, access by two acrylic

screws on the side edge.

max 40watts

white 3 core flex with white inline cord switch.




8-12 weeks if not in stock








Tricolour - d; 2016

A table lamp of classic stature, yet strong minimal form.

Seen here with a raw linen shade, emerald green lucite, live red lucite and polished brass.

Height with shade; 72cm

Part of the new 'ready to buy' range - 

To get in touch, please email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other options are; polished brass (as seen) or patinated brass to deep brown /black or Nickel-silver plated.

Current lucite palette; emerald(as seen), jasmine tea, royal blue, live red and fluorescent pink.

Shade - raw linen(as seen) or black.


candle - colours

Candle wall lights

candle hand blown glass wall lights

Candle d 2015 in beautiful colours - shown here in bronze and aubergine cut crystal glass with hand polished brass details.

Current colour palette; smokey grey, aubergine, bronze and clear.

Please contact if you are interested in other colours.

As lighting designers for residential and commercial we have specified these in an array of finishers - nickel plated and chrome. Also inverted for beautiful chandeliers.



Charlotte Packe Coral Light

Coral d;2013

A shade? a show of light!

These are made from birch ply and current colours;

coral red

fluorescent orange,


charcoal with flare of orange

charcoal dipped to grey

Centre hole for E.S fitting and includes an adaptor for S.E.S.

Overall diameter 26cm.

Images shown with bulb; S.E.S silver crown 40 watt.

Use as a wall light with our designed bracket and cable.

price on enquiry

Can be used with the Oak Utility range - oak wall light with flush suspension fitting, silk covered flex, inline switch and plug. Then can be simply hung on the wall.


Glass moss on silver birch. d;2013

Glass moss on silver birch d;2013

A contrast of materials, the rawness of the silver birch with the smooth crystal glass.


branches have been cut to be lent against the wall, they have a swivel brass bracket which allows gentle tilt and secure fitting to a vertical surface.

a plle of sticks suspended above as a chandelier.
wall light version.
table light version.
work as single light or in large groups.

Indoor or outdoor.

raw seasoned silver birch logs. Cut and polished thick crystal glass balls.

sticks - all sizes. Crystal glass balls - 40mm dia and 50mm dia in clear or frosted

turned brass G4 lampholder.
recommend; G4 eco halogen bulb 15 watts/ 35 lumens

or- LED 1.5 watt 130 LUMENS warm white 3000K
12 volts - transformer required

2 core clear


6-8 weeks if not in stock



Nautical - wall light


Nautical - wall light

Beautifully pared back wall light, which uses the hand polished brass plate to bounce warm light back from the opaline glass globe. This wall light fits snugly to the wall and gives a low profile versatile light.

Manufactured for retail.

Alternative light sources - do enquire.



Glass moss on driftwood

Glass Moss on driftwood d 2015 A development where each piece is unique. Working closely with nature. Glass moss glows. Designed as a sculpture standing or as wall lights.

Glass Moss on driftwood d 2015 A development where each piece is unique. Working closely with nature. Glass moss glows. Designed as a sculpture standing or as wall lights.

Enquire for commission only.



Kowtow in descending discs

Kowtow in descending discs



 Kowtow in descending discs d;2009

This design is a development from the Kowtow with spun aluminium discs.

Clear acrylic discs in descending sizes sandwich coloured discs

- adds an injection of colour to an interior as well as a stylish contemporary look.

Successful design that has been used in a number of boutique hotels in London and New York.

Coloured discs available in live Mars red, live Lime green, live yellow and black.

Base is farmed and ethically sourced rubber wood stained charcoal - size 16cm width x 18cm height

Lamps from base to shade ring is 53cm


bespoke - height change possible.



Calyx. d,1991 re-launched 2013

Charlotte Packe Calyx Lamp

Calyx. d,1991 re-launched 2013

hand turned farmed american poplar, spun brass base, parchment shade. Finish on stem; chalk paint sanded with bees wax finish

large(as shown) overall height 
830mm x base 200mm

S.E.S bulb holder 
max 25watt.

silk covered 3 core flex with gold inline switch and 3 pin plug.

aprox 4.5 kg

LEAD TIME - if not in stock
8-12 weeks



Borough - reading wall light

Borough  - reading wall light


Borough - reading wall light

Reading wall light, pivot arm swivels 180 degrees. Made from cut and formed hand polished brass, finished in a soft wax sheen.

This version can be mounted and wired in at the wall, or have a trailing flex with an inline switch.

Classic, pure forms, pared down give a contemporary look, warmth is thrown out by the reflective brass finish.

Please enquire for other finishers.





Droplet d;2015

Designed with the inspiration of harnessing the beauty of water.

Module to be hung alone or in groups.

Material; hand turned brass or copper. Hand blown cut crystal glass

Finishers; polished brass or copper with a beeswax finish, patinated brass to near black, chrome plated or nickel - silver plated.

Copper finish in a verdigris.

Polished crystal in clear or frosted.

2 sizes.

coloured flex options.


Droplets one or hundreds raining light.